The JA-63 "Profi" is a programmable modular control panel. Splittable into 2 sections (with a shared section). Built in power supply and ample space for a backup battery (12V, 1.3Ah or 2.6Ah)

JA-60 system is no longer in production. Spare parts are available for existing customers.

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Model JA-63KR (equipped with the "R" radio communicating module) has 16 wireless zones. Up to two JA-60 detectors can enroll into each zone (totally 32 as a maximum). In total model 63KR has 20 zones (4 wired and 16 wireless). Up to 8 wireless controllers (remote controls or wireless keypads), a JA-60A wireless siren and unlimited number of UC family wireless output modules can be enrolled as well. If more zones are required, another JA-6x control panel can be enrolled as a subsystem (Master & Slave architecture). The master control panel receives information from the sub control panel and it can also arm and disarm the subsystem panel.




230 VAC, max 0.1 A, supervised, class II

Backup battery

12 V, from 1.3 or 2.6 Ah, normal life time 5 years

Backup power output

13VDC, the max. permanent current is 0.4 or 1.2 A for max. 15 min (1 cycle per hour), self consumption of the control panel is 30mA

Hard-wired inputs

4 input zones, selectable triggering: NC, EOL resistor or Double EOL resistor

Zone reactions

selectable: instant, delayed, panic, fire, 24 hour, next delayed

Wireless zones**

16 zones (2 detectors can be enrolled to each = up to 32 detectors totally)


433.92 MHz; digital hopping code; supervised communication


max. 4 wired JA-60E keypads, max. 8 JA-60F wireless keypads** or RC-11 or JA-60D remote controllers **

Access codes

master code and 14 user codes. When system is split, codes, detectors and remote controls can be addressed to particular sectors

Wired outputs

Alarm relay dry contacts 1A/60V; programmable outputs PgX & PgY (Chime, Fire, Arm, Panic, Alarm, Door, Home, AC failure), siren output (12 V, 0.7 A)

Wireless outputs**

control panel transmits signals for siren and PgX, PgY data for UC-2xx receivers

Events memory

127 most recent events including date, time and detailed specification

Telephone communicator*

module 65X: digital communication to a monitoring station, 5 SMS messages or Pager dialing, 2 voice messages, modem communication with a remote PC (ComLink SW + JA-60U modem), remote keypad access with JA-60E and JA-60U

Monitoring station formats*

Contact ID, Ademco, Telemax, Franklin, Radionics, SurGard, DTMF2300, (198 reports codes)

* control panel equipped with telephone dialer JA-65X ** wireless control panel (JA-63KR, JA-63KRX)


Operating temperature

-10�C to 40� C

Operating humidity

max 80 %

Working environment

indoor use (class II, EN 50131-1)


Electrostatic discharge

8 kV

RF immunity

30 V / m



plastic box with built-in power supply


see diagram bellow


Complies with

EN 50131-1 (Grade 2), EN 50131-6, EN 300220, ETS 300 683, EN 50136, ETS 300001, TBR 21

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