The JA-63A is an outdoor siren powered by AC adapter with a built-in backup battery.

JA-60 system is no longer in production. Spare parts are available for existing customers.

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The JA-63A outdoor siren is powered by AC adapter and has a built-in backup battery. Wirelessly communicates (2 way) with control panels. Has a high-power siren,flashing light (coloured lens).

In addition to signaling alarms, it can also provide arming and disarm-ing chirps. The siren makes regular auto testing and reports its condi-tion regularly to the system for full supervision. Built in tamper sensors trigger an alarm if there is any attempt to tamper with the siren. Only one JA-63A siren can be used with a JA-6x control panel.



230VAC, 50Hz (optional 110)

Back up battery

6V, 1.3Ah

Working range

up to 100m (open area)


piezo electric, 118dB

Siren timer

60 seconds

Flash light timer

5 minutes


class IP44

Working environment

outdoor use, -25 to +60°C

Complies with

EN 50131-1, class 2

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