UPS (AGM) batteries

Batteries are an integral part of UPS devices. They ensure thefuncioning ofconnected load even in the event of mains power failure.

There are several types of batteries, but all UPS device brands currently use VRLA AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) hermetically sealed lead-acid batteries as they are more affordable in comparison toother technologies.

Batteries are especially sensitive to environmental conditions. As they represent a critical component in uninterruptible power supplies, they can also present a fire hazard and thusrequire additional care.

The main reasons for loss of battery life:

  • Elevated temperatures
  • Hibernation (several months without discharging and recharging cycles)
  • Wrong voltage or charging current
  • Too many discharge cycles
  • Deep discharge (over-discharge)
  • Lack of regular maintenance

Batteries are legally classified as toxic waste materials. After replacing the batteries, the old batteries must be properly disposed of in an environmentally safe way. Our company is able to do this for you, as it is in a contractual relationship with the larger waste processing companies and our servicing employee receive regular occupational safety training.