Alarm systems

Jablotron security alarm systems provide:

We offer effective security alarm systems that offer professional features, but without being difficult or complicated to use. They are primarily intended for the protection of homes, apartments, smaller business premises, bars and cafés.


  • For large families
  • For young families
  • For bars and cafés
  • For business premises
  • For holiday homes

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Jablotron security alarm systems provide:

  • Comprehensive protection of your home, apartment or business premises against intruders, as well the ability to make emergency calls in the event of a health emergency or attack, etc.
  • Protection against fire and gas leaks (natural gas, methane, propane gas, butane, etc.).
  • When the alarm is activated, you receive notifications in various forms, depending on your choice (text message, call to your mobile phone or landline, audible signals).
  • Its high level of operational reliability reduces the possibility of diversions or false alarms.
  • A choice of wired or wireless connections between the individual parts of the system.
  • Unlimited upgrading options and compliance with other sensors.


A control panel unit with a separate keypad – ensures the connection of all the important components of your alarm system. Among others it warns you when the sensor batteries need replacing. Together with the keypad, which is used to activate and deactivate the alarm system at the entrance of the building using a code, this constitutes the basis of your security system.

Communicator – in addition to alerting the user to the alarm’s activation using modern communication systems, it also offers many other functions that enable you to operate the system and that increase the effectiveness of its operation as well as communicate between you and your alarm system. We recommend the use of a cellular module that supports the option of operating your alarm system using text messaging. You also have the option of communicating using a landline.

A smoke detector – v zaprtih prostorih zaznava prisotnost dima in tako varuje vas dom pred požari.

A gas detector – detects the presence of flammable and explosive gases and alerts you with an alarm signal.

A motion detector – detects movement in the room in which it is installed.

A magnetic contact detector – detects if windows, front doors or garage, balcony or other doors have been opened.

A glass break detector – on the basis of an analysis of sound or sudden change in air pressure, it detects if a window was broken and alerts to a forceful entry into the secured building.

Remote controller – used to activate or deactivate the security alarm system or to activate the emergency call function.

Siren – using a light or audible signal to signal the activation of the alarm and in most cases is also a deterrent for intruders. 


Sale of systems

On the basis of our many years of experience with the sale and installation of Czech-made Jablotron alarm systems on the Slovenian market, we have categorized our offer into sets that are adapted to the way of thinking and need of the typical groups of residents in individual houses and apartments. We have paid special attention to security for smaller business premises and warehouses. We have a special offer of the JA 100 professional system, which, thanks to its capabilities and technological solutions, provides professional-grade security suitable even for larger business premises.

Call us on the number below and we will analyse what you want and need, visit the location and draw up a project planning solution and offer that is tailored to your building and security conditions.

It is possible to upgrade all standard sets. Call us now on 00386 (0)3 427 44 02 to find an offer suitable for you.

If you purchase an individual set or components with installation, the VAT is 22%, however, if you purchase entire sets or if we deliver, install and start-up your alarm, we can offer a discounted VAT price of 9.5%! We also offer a volume discount or special offer discounts, as well as discounts during the sale of surplus stock.

Installation and repairs

Our experts have been installing and maintaining Jablotron alarm systems for over 15 years. We are always available to offer our services, even if you purchased your equipment elsewhere. We cover the entire area of Slovenia. The installation and start-up costs of the individual sets start at €60 for locations up to 30km away from our company’s headquarters or our service centre. We charge additional travel costs for distances over 30km. Call us now!