About us

TOS Celje d.o.o. was established in 1991. Its main activity was the sale of computer equipment and spare parts for IBM and EMC, and, to a lesser degree, the company also dealt in real estate. We are in partnership with Slovenia’s largest banks, state authorities and commercial enterprises.

In 1999, we expanded our existing range of sales products to include a range of uninterruptible power supply systems by Riello UPS, which are produced by the Italian company Riello Elettronica with their headquarters in San Pietro di Legnano. The Italian company also has a strong research and development department, which is available for consultancy on more challenging projects. It is with this company that we concluded a distribution agreement for the Slovenian market. Riello Elettronica is one of the largest global producers of uninterruptible power supply systems. Their production comprises all types of UPS systems from 400VA to 6400kVA. All systems have a standard deliverable, excellent support for their software for managing and monitoring individual UPS as well as for their connection, remote control and monitoring in networks.

Pursuant to the contract with our Italian partner, we are also required to provide servicing in the warranty and post-warranty periods. The organization and functioning of the service centre is described in the chapter on the services we offer.

At the end of 2010, the news of the merger between Riello UPS and Aros was announced and with it, the formation of a new brand, Riello Aros UPS. This was Riello Elettronica’s response to the incorporation of the larger producers of UPS power supply systems and demonstrated its real size. Riello Aros UPS is currently evaluated as 4thon a global scale and 3rdin Western Europe in the sale of UPS devices in view of IMS Research. In 2015, this made Riello Aros UPS the leading non-American UPS producer with:

  • 2 factories in Italy,
  • 9 factories worldwide,
  • 23 subsidiary companies,
  • 147 importers/distributors in 80 countries around the world.

In 2010, we also took a step forward and, on the basis of decades of acquired knowledge and experience, we offered existing and new customers a comprehensive approach in the selection and planning of the power supply system, of which every UPS device is an integral part. We provide high-quality servicing and regular maintenance of UPS equipment of all brands.

For this reason we have expanded our areas of operation to the following segments:v

  • Sales and planning of UPS devices
  • Assembly and launch of UPS devices sold
  • Regular maintenance of UPS devices
  • Non-routine maintenance of UPS devices with 24/7 availability on the basis of maintenance agreements
  • UPS device rental service