1) Planning and consultancy 

Our experts can advise you even in the initial phases of electrical installation projects. Contact us and we will be glad to help you.

2) Installation, start-up and testing

We are proud of our team of certified service engineers who will provide you with the highest level of expertise in the installation, start-up and operating of your new UPS device. 

3) Service centre and preventive maintenance

For the smooth and quality functioning throughout the entire lifespan of your device, suitable monitoring and regular maintenance must be performed. In addition to Riello, Aros and Jablotron devices, we also have a lot of experience with many other systems of brands such as General Electric, Socomec Sicon, Schneider Electric (APC and MGE), MetaSystem, Enel, DeltaUPS, Emerson, HP, Power Walker and others. 

4) Interventional support services 24/7

Our repair services are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, even on holidays. We provide the best response times and quickly resolve the issue. 

5) Contractual maintenance 

We can tailor the regular maintenance to your specific needs and lower the maintenance costs using one of the varieties of packages we offer. 

6) UPS rental and leasing

Do you need an uninterruptible power supply but are also expecting changes in the future that will alter your power supply needs? Reduce unnecessary costs and choose to lease a UPS device on a monthly basis. 

Would you prefer that we take care of your new UPS device and all the associated costs of repair and spare parts? The UPS leasing package is the right choice for you. 

7) Remote control 

We offer a service centre for supervising and monitoring your UPS devices using SNMP communication and text messaging. Our service engineers are notified about the error as soon as the UPS sends out an alert and they can give you advice before you even reach the device location or resolve the issue remotely. This reduces unnecessary travel costs and ensures that the issue is resolved even faster. 

8) Replacing spare parts 

Despite our devices being of the highest quality and manufactured using top quality materials, some individual parts are subject to greater wear. Batteries, cooling fans and capacitors need to be replaced every few years. Their lifespan also depends on the environment in which the devices operate, so our service engineers can, if necessary, issue a recommendation on the replacement of a specific part when they carry out their examination.v 

9) Battery maintenance 

Batteries are especially sensitive to environmental conditions. As they represent a critical component in uninterruptible power supplies, they require additional care.

The main reasons for loss of battery life: 

  • Elevated temperatures
  • Hibernation (several months without discharging and recharging cycles)
  • Wrong voltage or charging current
  • Too many discharge cycles
  • Deep discharge (over-discharge)
  • Lack of regular maintenance

10) Electrical installation inspections and testing

We often carry out interventions for malfunctions that occur when home electrical installations are altered. The majority of electricians are not specialized in high-tech devices and are not familiar with their specific features. Order a brief inspection and avoid subsequent higher costs for fixing issues and malfunctions.

11) Removal and ecological disposal

12) Seminars